Situated in Saint-Damien-de-Brandon, Aluquip is a Quebec enterprise manufacturing aluminum transportation equipment. Using the experience learned in the family business, Soudure P. Desroisiers, firmly established in the field of steel fabrication since 1975, Nathalie Desrosiers founded Aluquip in 1996 with the help of a young and dynamic team. In the beginning, it mainly produced aluminum boxes for trucks and trailers. Over the years, Aluquip has diversified its production to offer its growing customer base custom made products, utility flatbeds, dump bodies, service bodies, mobile workshops and service vehicles. In 2005, the arrival of Stéphane Desrosiers as a partner marked a turning point for the company. Stéphane’s experience as a mechanical analyst in aeronautics was an essential asset to reposition the company to penetrate new markets.